Tribes of Might

So it begins

On the run from the Imperial guard, Torin and Hakkon make their way to the Badlands. The only place the imperials will not go, the only place they will be safe.

They end up in the town of Taarn, a small outpost with a few ramshackle homes and a singular store The Drunken General one part drunken, one part general. After visiting the general store and meeting a man name Chet, they made their way to the other side of the building.

Whilst they were walking they noticed that the denizens of this place did not seem like the high society that the empire was known for. Everyone seemed more rugged and prepared for a fight, but not overtly hostile in anyway.

Arriving on the otherside of the building they came to the entrance of the Drunken part of the store. Outside stood a bouncer of large proportions, surrounded by all assortment of weapons. Torin and Hakkon relinquished their weapons to the bouncer and made their way into the bar.

The bar was lively and loud, everyone was either fighting, talking, or playing some sort of card game. Walking up to the bar they met the bartender Chett (with two T’s) after some attempted robbery at the hands of the bartender they proceeded to leave the bar.

On the way out of town they found a help wanted board, mostly filled with bounties for creature skins and the like (the occasional live creature as well). They decided to take the first bounty that was posted by the leather worker from the next “town”. The bounty was for forest snakes “the bigger the better”.

Making camp on the edge of the forest they attempted to rest for the night. While standing watch Torin heard strange noises, slithering coming from deeper in the forest, and not just one sound but many. He quickly awoke Hakkon, who was not all too happy about this.

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